Consultant Spine Surgeon &
Robotic Spine Surgeon

Consult with the best spine surgeon in Delhi with over 10+ years of experience, 3000+ successful surgeries,
served over 12+ countries

Dr. Jitesh Manghwani (Gold Medalist)


Trained in robotics spine surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, safe spine surgery, navigated spine surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, osteoporosis spine surgery. 

Currently working at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC)
All India Graduate & Post Graduate Spine Trainer

Worked at
• Fortis Escort Okhla, Delhi
• Fortis Research Institute, Delhi
• Medanta, Delhi
• LNJP Hospital & MAMC, Delhi
• LTMMC & SION Hospital, Bombay
• King Edward Memorial Hospital & GSMC, Bombay

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Consult For The Treatment Of :

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints due to which people get absent from work or seek medical help. Unfortunately, sometimes this pain is severe and worsens with time in most cases. Back pain can range from a muscle aching to shooting or burning sensations in the lower body.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can occur in anyone at any time. Sometimes this pain is severe and has an adverse effect on physical and mental health. Fortunately, it can be cured with pain relievers, physical therapy, neck traction, and surgery, depending on the seriousness of the condition.

Slip Disc

When the outer layer of the intervertebral disc ruptures and cracks such that the internal content of the intervertebral pushes out through cracks, it is called a slipped disc. The slipped disc compresses and irritates nerve roots causing several other interrelated problems.


Spondylosis is an umbrella term for describing all spine degenerative disorders. It is a type of osteoarthritis of the spine that tends to make spinal structure hard, brittle, and porous, due to which the spinal discs and joints degenerate, causing bone spurs.

Spinal Infection

Spondylodiscitis is a spine infection that primarily affects the disks and then pervades adjacent vertebrae through endplates. Pathogens causing it are called staphylococci. Spinal infections are caused by different pathogens that may be bacterial, fungal, or parasitic.

Spinal Fractures

A fracture is partial or complete bone breakage. The spine bones may break into specific small fragments due to different causes such as degeneration, kyphosis, osteoporosis, shallow thrust, accident, or free-fall.


Osteoporosis is a progressive disease that infects bone density and quality, leading to an increased risk of bone fractures and reduced quality of life. Dr. Amit Chugh’s clinic is the best destination for Osteoporosis Treatment inDelhi.

Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure to combine two vertebrae into a unit structure and eliminating motion between them. The fused vertebral structure acts as a bridge between two spinal segments, connecting and stabilizing the spinal canal.

Dr. Jitesh Manghwani (Gold Medalist)


Consult with the best spine surgeon in Delhi with over 10+ years of experience,
3000+ successful surgeries, served over 12+ countries

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Very patient and friendly… and knowledgeable…! He explains the medical condition in detail and explains all the available options…! Trustworthy and skilled! I am completely satisfied with the treatment provided and the follow up period was hassle free and assuring!
priyanka rajyalakshmi
Dr Jitesh is very caring and really pleasant while explaining things. He understands the problems nicely and provides fantastic consultation and solution. The place is very nicely built and is very comfortable
Sunil Choudhary
Dr.Jitesh has a very professional approach towards his patients and is very empathetic towards all his patients...most importantly he is very patient in listening to all your concerns and explains in very simple terms...avoids unnecessary investigations like many doctors do....would highly recommend him for any ortho related issues....